TILP #34: Expanding Capacity: Maximize Your Time

How do you maximize your time? How do you get to do more done in less time? We’re living in the technological era where we have more tools and resources that we can utilize to make more use of our time.

In this episode, Christy and David talk about how you can maximize your time by simplifying, automating, and upskilling your tasks. They discuss how outsourcing and decentralization of tasks will allow you to get stuff off your plate and focus on your most important leadership tasks.

Listen in to learn how to automate mindless tasks with digital tools and resources so you can use your ‘mindless’ time doing more enjoyable hobbies. You will also learn the importance of upskilling in technology and also your human relational side of things like soft skills and emotional intelligence skills as a leader.

What You Will Learn: 


  • [1:55] How to decentralize tasks and procrastinate on purpose to have time to learn other things and focus on what’s most important.
  • [4:02] How decentralization of tasks allows you as a leader to lead without overwhelm.
  • [6:49] The importance of using cloud tools and outsourcing as a way to decentralize tasks from you.
  • [10:46] Learn to challenge yourself with digital resources and innovate by reducing unnecessary stuff to be as nimble as possible.
  • [17:06] Pay attention to how big companies are packaging their branding messages to simplify the user experience.
  • [18:21] The benefits of simplifying your work to simplify more complex problems and keep up with change.


  • [21:35] David shares the many tools and resources you can use to automate your tasks.

Upskilling and reskilling

  • [26:26] The importance of engaging the younger generation to upskill and understand new technology.
  • [28:16] The benefits of having standardized meeting agendas so as not to waste time trying to prepare in every meeting session.
  • [30:02] How to learn and develop your skill set to upskill, especially in technology, so as not to be left behind.
  • [33:05] Stop doing mindless stuff and find meaningful and purposeful work.
  • [35:49] Learn to adopt the soft skills and emotional intelligence skills to recognize your biases of treating people as human doings.


  1. “Your work needs to be doing that leading work and if you’re down there in that microwork, you can’t do the important leadership work.”– Christy [10:36]
  2. “The whole concept of simplification in the modern era is reducing unnecessary stuff so that you can be as nimble as possible to pivot and adapt.”– Christy [13:49]
  3. “We must simplify to solve the problems and keep up with the changes.”– Christy [21:02]
  4. “Find the technology to automate as much as possible.”– David [23:57]
  5. “You’ve got to find ways to learn and develop your skill set.”– David [31:06]
  6. “The more technologically advanced we get, the more we have to be intentional about the relational aspect of things.”– David [37:39]

Possible Actions to Take

  • Take action and decentralize tasks by outsourcing for capable people who can help you take the load off you to simplify your leadership work.
  • Consider automating your mindless tasks so you have time for a hobby you enjoy instead of wasting your free time doing mindless things.
  • Assess your human aspect even as you employ technology- you need to be compassionate and empathetic with the people you work with and not treat them like machines.

Links to Resources Mentioned


  • Procrastinating on purpose
  • The 4-Hour Workweek
  • Atomic habits
  • Upskilling
  • Traction  by Gino Wickman

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