Goals and Resolutions, when they don’t get resolved

We’re officially in February and you probably still feel overwhelmed from all of 2020’s baggage, right? Have you made plans for your business, what goals do you have to help you move forward? Because to be honest, 2021 doesn’t seem to be any better than 2020; but it is crucial you have goals even in the new normal.

In this episode, Christy and David talk about how to approach goal setting in 2021. They discuss the assessing, planning, and having structures for accountability process and how it will help you set and implement your goals.

Listen in to learn the importance of preparing to plan for your goals; so you have a clear picture of what needs and doesn’t need to be done.

What You Will Learn:

·        [1:52] How the uncertainty and overwhelm of 2020 are dragging us from making plans for 2021.

·        [3:51] Learning how to assess the new situation and set goals in the existing rhythm of things.

·        [6:42] How to ask yourself questions of what had enabled you to move and what has stopped you from moving so you make progress towards this year’s goals.

·        [9:32] How to change, work when you’re most productive, and build-in time to adjust your rhythms.

·        [16:13] The pieces that you bring together to make your plan happen- what you do to get results.

·        [19:05] The power of having a plan to prepare you for your goals through research.

·        [22:32] Learning to involve your team in the planning process to assess what needs to be done or not to, for goals to succeed.

·        [25:26] Implementing the goals tweaking and testing process with the team, instead of executing major goals all at once.

·        [28:11] How to overcommit with several systems and activities to reach our important goals.

·        [32:20] The importance of telling someone about your goals to help keep you accountable.

·        [35:15] How to create structures to help you do what is difficult and uncomfortable for you to reach your goals.


1.      If you can get a little sense of where you’re at, it also helps you ask those questions.”– Christy [9:55]

2.      “If our speed has literally changed and the frequency that we’re going is actually not matching up, we have to change what we’re doing.”– Christy [10:39]

3.      “Trying is not is not going to move the needle either, you have to train to make it happen.”– Christy [17:12]

4.      “It’s not usually efficient to allow yourself to decide in the moment.”– Christy [20:17]

5.      “If you don’t tell somebody then that change is in your own head.”– David [32:26]

6.      “Micro goals within your larger goal lets you feel like you’re building momentum and you’re making progress.”– David [35:01] 

7.      “When you’re setting your goals, you have to do it in a way that compliments your strengths and is you.”– Christy [35:51]

8.      “We have to be intentional in order to move what matters.”– Christy [41:36]

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