Leverage the Next 90: Goal, Grit and Grind

How do you leverage the next 90? In the Innovative Leader Podcast today, we are focusing on three keys to get and stay in action.

1)  Have Challenging Goals: The Good to Great concept of the BHAG

What goal will challenge us? What activates you to drive or push forward? What is so big you will not give up? Why does this goal matter? Where does it take us? Why is it meaningful or significant? How it activate my passion to get up and make it happen (internally motivating)? Are you willing to fight for it? Does it scare you or make you nervous?2) A Grit Mentality: mindset

Face your fears Be disciplined to make it happen .. Resilience (get up and do it again tomorrow = grind) Consistency over time, regardless of feelings – emotional resilience Resource: Angela Duckworth à Book: GRIT3)  Consistent grind: activity

Commitment to execute the goal (focus) The activity to work your plan Have designed habits and rhythms that offer daily self-accountability Block your time 4)  Say no to distractions or interruptions

Having clear goals that get you excited to achieve them will take you closer to your vision. Ensure a daily mindset of GRIT and a plan so that your activity each day is GRIND that matters and moves the needle.

Let us know what ideas you have and you do to help get traction on your goals!