Leveraging the next 90 days

After an unpredictable and ever changing year (2020), many leaders and business have found themselves adapting for the majority of the year. With the unknown of COVID and other challenges around us today, it can be tempting to wait until things settle down before really getting traction on goals. If anything is “normal” right now, it is CHANGE. Therefore, leaders need to embrace moving forward, while there is change and uncertainty. We are about to move into Q4 of 2020. It is a great time to dig in and get traction. Three months, twelve weeks or ninety days is a great amount of time to get traction for a key area. It might be an area of business, an area for personal or professional growth or one from each! The mindset to take key steps now will help to set you up for a great 2021! It is not about waiting or preparing for 2021, it is about taking action in Q4 so that you are positioned and ready for 2021. Maybe it is taking time to build culture after a challenging culture year, maybe it is finishing some projects, maybe it is learning a skill, getting a certification, etc. Take this next 90 days and strategically move yourself forward. Today, in the podcast, we will talk about how to figure out what to focus on, how to get traction and who can provide accountability.