Managing Dynamic Decision-Making

Master Dynamic Decision-Making

If you think the world is going to ever saturate at a growth level, your concerns would have to take a permanent backseat to responsibilities. The changing times of today have definitely caught us into a web of information, newer ideologies and decision making practices. How do we adapt to these incredibly challenging times and still make lives easier and better successful?

Join David Philips and Christy Geiger on this episode of The Innovative Leader Podcast as they dive deeper into the skills of Dynamic Decision Making, helping understand why it is so relevant in the world today. They also discuss how it is very different from the decision-making process of the past and how we can equip ourselves with its techniques!

The 2.0 version of leadership gave us more time to process, analyze and comprehend situations, giving us enough space to make decisions. But with the advent of the 4.0 leadership and agility methods, complexity is ever always increasing and we need to constantly monitor the emerging methods and strategies to make the healthiest choices and wiser decisions.

There is all the information you would ever require on the web. You need to only trust your gut and rely on your experience to advance to dynamic decision making skills. Also, go for the credible source and maintain pace with the speeding times so that you are never at a loss.

Tune in to the episode today to learn to make more agile and dynamic decisions and not fog your minds when situations get challengingly tough!


“We have to be flexible and we have to realize that they could be very short-term decisions.” – David

“People with a high level of curiosity have a high level of network.” – David

“On some level, we have to be more comfortable with taking risks and failing forward. And that comes from being unattached to being right.” – Christy

“When change comes, I get really upset when it messes my systems and my processes and so it makes me less agile, it makes me less flexible and it makes me less open to change.” – Christy

“Exploring how to be more open to me is about trying things new, doing your routine in a different way.” – Christy

“Be more random in our intellectual pursuits.” – David

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