Three Leadership Keys for Hiring Great Talent

Often when we have challenges with a underperforming team member, we can quickly feel frustrated at the gap.

When team members are struggling in their role it can drain time and energy from the team. It limits productivity, progress and results. It takes organizational resources trying to get a team member up to speed.

We can feel exhausted considering how to get them to produce the results that we need from them. (Note: Does that feel a little 2.0? Meaning, 2.0 leadership that looks at people as result producers or there are done?)

To have a high performing organization we need high performers, but try to trace that back to leadership and how leaders grow high performing organizations.

In today’s podcast, David Phillips and Christy Geiger are going to talk about three key steps in hiring great people who do a great job and created great organizations. Really, as leaders it is our job to cast clear direction and to set people up for success. When we are doing that well, we close performance gaps and set everyone up for greater success.