TILP 23: Growing Intuitive Leadership Skills

In the past industrial era, there was a much greater reliance on data and analytics. The concrete study of data intelligence has been a gift to bring us to where we are today data has been collected and compressed to give us information that optimizes performance, efficacies, trends and patterns. Really it is the acceleration and the automation of this data collection and inversion that is expediting and upgrading how we work (AI technologies, the internet of things (IOT), etc.). The more information collection happens robotically and naturally, the faster things happen, because computers and technology moves much faster than we can as humans. The opportunity for us then becomes skillfully discerning and navigating in this fast, quickly changing and more complex landscape. When

Intuition is not guessing, it is not “emotional” rather a skill that we have as humans, that computers do not. In this new era of Industry 4.0, our Leadership must also be 4.0. This includes our ability to use our intuition and gut, even if it feels squishy and undefined at times.