TILP 23: Growing Intuitive Leadership Skills

During industry 2.0 we relied on information, data and analytics in order to make decisions. However, as we move into this new era, we realize that while there is huge value in analytics, our intuition is imperative. Coming into the industry 4.0 leaders need their intuition more than ever. Your intuition is a 4.0 skill set that helps you navigate in the unknown, which there is more and more of every day. What are the things that block your intuition? Can you trust your gut? Find all that and more in today’s episode!

In today’s episode, we cover:

Why was information so important in industry 2.0
Things that block our intuition:
○ Lack of business experience
○ Biases
○ Leading with our head

Things that help us access our intuition:
○ Variety of business experience
○ Exposure and interaction with different people/cultures
○ Leading with our heart

The importance of emotional intelligence

Advice on how we can “train” our intuition

Resources and links mentioned during this episode
● https://www.reboot.io/book/
● https://innovativeleader.co/
● https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0qoeyPcIFWowUa0G9zrCfw