Liquid or Structured Leadaership

TILP 31: Liquid or Structured Leadership

Have you made the transition from a 2.0 leader to a 4.0 leader? We’re evidently living in very rapid times and change is inevitable, especially for organizations and teams. Transitioning from a 2.0 leader to a 4.0 leader is all about organizational structure and liquidity.

In this episode, Christy and David talk about the difference between structure and liquidity and transitioning from 2.0 to 4.0 leadership. They discuss the benefits of flexibility and adaptability to change in transitioning from a 2.0 to a 4.0 organization or team.

Listen in to learn the importance of letting go of control as a leader to allow your team member to make the necessary changes and scale the business.

What You Will Learn:

  • [2:44] The difference between structure and liquidity, plus the challenges of structure in an organization.
  • [4:40] The benefits of adopting liquidity in an organization or team.
  • [7:21] The importance of flexibility as a leader to avoid irrelevance and ineffectiveness in a team and organization.
  • [10:35] The dangers of bringing new people into an intensely structured team or organization.
  • [14:32] How to allow processes to change by bringing people to work together.
  • [16:49] The power of a 4.0 organization in allowing teams to change and evolve with the times.
  • [21:24] How to allow people to be open and confident without fear of letting go.
  • [23:08] How to become a coach and not a manager to your team by allowing easy flow of communication.


  1. “The difficult part about structure is that it doesn’t always allow you to adapt and bring in the necessary resources to accomplish the mission of the organization.”– David [3:47]
  2. “The beauty of fluidity is that people don’t own it, as they’re part of a team.”– David [7:08]
  3. “As leaders you can become outdated, irrelevant, and not effective.”– Christy [7:41]
  4. “In this age and in this world and in this time period, everything is changing and adjusting at a rapid speed.”– David [16:36]
  5. “When it comes to really letting go of control as leaders a lot of time, we do struggle with that because we’ve gotten used to being in control.”– Christy [17:01]
  6. “As a leader, one of your biggest roles is to develop leaders.”– David [23:38]
  7. “The challenge for a 2.0 leader in making that transition to a 4.0 leader is letting it go.”– David [20:52]

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