TILP 32: Two Critical Skills in Leadership in 2021

How are you as a leader communicating and engaging your team in 2021? Communication and engagement completely transformed in 2020, and you have to be more skillful to effectively do both as a leader in 2021.

In this episode, Christy and David talk about the importance of skillful and effective communication and emotionally intelligent leadership in organizations in 2021. They discuss the purpose of incorporating digital communication tools to better handle virtual and remote teams.

Listen in to learn how being emotionally intelligent as a leader allows you to create a safe environment for team engagement.

What You Will Learn:

  • [1:30] The three leadership trends in 2021 considering the year 2020 was.
  • [5:30] The importance of being an effective communicator to lead virtual teams.
  • [7:07] How to curve out and be skilled in both face-to-face and virtual communication for effectiveness.
  • [10:41] How communication is moving towards responsive visual and verbal communication virtually and backing it up with documentation.
  • [15:01] How online communication tools have brought a collaborative aspect in organizations.
  • [17:55] How emotional intelligence allows you as a leader to create a safe environment for engagement as opposed to when you’re not.
  • [24:34] How to exercise engagement during team meetings by having authentic conversations.


  1. “The most important skill you’re going to need as a leader is the ability to communicate.”– David [5:42]
  2. “You have to be engaged and you have to communicate and share your own ideas.”– David [17:48]
  3. “When we’re not emotionally intelligent, that is what creates unsafe places for people to show up.”– Christy [18:57]
  4. “If a leader is emotionally intelligent, you’re aware of others and what’s going on for them and you have a caring compassion for them.”– Christy [19:41]
  5. “You’ve got to be able to communicate who you are, what your mindset is, what your desires are, to communicate effectively.”– David [22:21]
  6. If people aren’t engaging in your meetings, then you need to ask what you need to work on from a leadership standpoint to create that engagement.”– David [24:36]
  7. “Sometimes the best thing you can do is either keep quiet or ask questions.”– David [27:21]
  8. “Your job is not to solve the problems; your job is to clear the path so the team can solve problems.”– Christy [28:17]

Possible Actions to Take

  • Consider ways you can improve both one-on-one or virtual communication by utilizing digital tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts, etc.
  • Invite your team to have authentic conversations to allow engagement in team meetings.
  • Be emotionally intelligent by keeping quiet and asking your team members questions as a way of providing them with a safe environment.

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