TILP #33: Three Things You Can Do to Get Yourself Back in The Game When You’re Struggling

How are you handling the unexpected change happening in 2021 as a leader? Exhaustion and overwhelm lead to unproductivity, and as a leader, you want to have the right tools to be productive. So, how do you get yourself in your right frame of self in 2021?

In this episode, Christy and David talk about the importance of adopting the right mindset, forming habits, and expanding your learning as a leader. They discuss the benefits of fueling your energy, especially during the pandemic by embracing change in your environment and systems.

Listen in to learn the value of experimenting with practices to see which ones work better for you, to be a better leader this year.

What You Will Learn:

  • [3:07] How to embrace your higher self who comes up with solutions to challenges that your emotional side would be incapable of tapping into.
  • [6:35] How to fuel yourself with positive messages of who you are and want to become through affirmations.
  • [8:00] The importance of forming daily habits that create the healthy, focused, and creative you.
  • [11:19] How to embrace your transition to practices and habits that bring you the needed energy.
  • [16:21] Learn how to find other ideas to spur your thinking and have other perspectives.
  • [21:26] The benefits of responding to COVID-19 by changing your mindset, habits, and learning.
  • [24:23] How to adapt to change and grow with it rather than resisting or judging it.


  1. “It’s really up to us to make sure that we’re fueling with the positive messages who we are.”– Christy [6:55]
  2. “It’s getting back to those practices that create the healthy you, that create the creative you, and that create the focused you.”– Christy [10:21]
  3. “Sometimes you have grown and changed, sometimes your environment has grown and changed, and so your systems and habits have to grow and change.”– Christy [12:39]
  4. “Play around with them, figure out what works in that evolving habits formation process.”– David [16:02]
  5. “Just change one thing and it could have a cascading effect on the others.”– David [24:19]
  6. “As things are evolving and changing, we struggle and wrestle underneath the change because change makes us uncomfortable.”– Christy [25:24]

Possible Actions to Take

  • Consider forming daily habits of affirmations and gratitude practices to get you through stormy times when they come.
  • Sign up for an online resource learning platform like Udemy to learn from others and expand your perspective.
  • Experiment with small changes in your system of doing things to get your mind used to change as you make space for bigger changes.

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