Employee Empowerment in Business

TILP #43: Automating Your Business

How do you empower your employees to make decisions without you?

Spoiler alert…start small. Think about the decisions you are asked every day.

In this episode, Christy and David interview a special guest, Tina White. Tina provides a unique perspective based on her business experience as a CPA blended with the real world of owning an HVAC company. Today, Tina Is a business coach and owner of Panaramic, http://www.panaramicacadamy.com

They shine a light on why it is tough to let go.

Tina explains how adding bowling alley bumpers to the decision-making process helps ensure your employees make the right decision and know when to ask for help.

They discuss how you can share key numbers with your team without posting a copy of your financial statements in the breakroom.

Listen to learn how you can start delegating today! It’s a win-win-win. You’ll boost employee morale, your customers will enjoy quick answers, and you’ll free up your time to work ON the business.