Proactive planning for Covid Phase 2

TILP24: Proactive planning for Covid Phase 2

This week moving to the end of November 2020, there are more states in the USA that have announced “shut down” and “closure” of gyms, restaurants, etc. It is difficult because most have not experiences a “relief” since COVID started and if they were “going out” might have just started to feel a little comfortable. With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas décor going up, here in the USA, people want to be in joyful and festive spirits but struggle when “restrictions” limit what they can do and enjoy. It is challenging AND as leaders, we have to be aware of these dynamics going on. To ask people how they are, give them a chance to acknowledge and name it and support them to find new solutions. We have to find new solutions. When we try to keep doing things the way we always have, but have new limitations, it is natural to feel discouraged. Encouragement is seeing what is possible. As leaders, we have the opportunity to help people find new possibilities personally and professionally. Be a light. It really matters.

In today’s episode we will look at how you can plan for yourself and spread that positivity to others. What are your ideas?!? SHARE and SPREAD your ideas to inspire others!
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