Leading in Frenetic Times

TILP28: Leading Change in Frenetic Times

Are things around you still feeling wild and uncontrollable in 2021? But don’t we all feel that way? It is fair to say that we expected a much positive and stable 2021 after the rollercoaster we lived in 2020. But that seems to be far from whatever we’re so far experiencing almost a month into the year.

In this episode, Christy and David talk about the frenetic times that is 2021 and the changes that leaders need to make to navigate them. They talk about the importance of practicing simplicity and mindfulness as leaders and ensuring your team members do the same too.

Listen in to learn how to prioritize what is important in an organization and developing systems that impact your industry.

What You Will Learn:

· [2:33] Defining frenetic times- the fast, energetic, uncontrollable, and wild times we’re living today.

· [6:59] How unexpected hiccups and instability present in 2021 are stopping us from setting our goals like we usually do at the beginning of the year.

· [10:36] The importance of embracing fluidity and flexibility to be an agile leader in 2021.

· [12:17] How to adopt a minimalist mentality by evaluating what is of absolute importance to you and shed what is not.

· [15:41] The importance of creating time and forming habits for simplicity and mindfulness.

· [19:33] How to balance and be mindful with the work you delegate to your team so you can all move together without overwhelm.

· [23:11] Mastering the skill of prioritizing by understanding the present and predicting the future of your goals.

· [28:40] The simple things you can do to get the idea of what people are looking for, how that can impact your industry, and anticipate future ideas.

· [29:35] How to develop systems by breaking down everything, finding the root cause of the problem, and then figuring out how to change those practices and habits.

· [36:15] The process of simplifying things by combining tasks in your business and tweaking them to get feedback.


1. “It is not the size of the things that may be happening to you, it’s just the volume.”- David [9:01]

2. “There’s a need to really be fluid, flexible, and to let go.”- Christy [11:37]

3. “Simplify so that you can live and be agile with the world that we’re living in.”- David [15:32]

4. “In that energy alignment is where our stress increases.”- Christy [16:08]

5. “You can overwhelm your staff to the point that they don’t want to be there anymore…you got to maintain that balance for them in addition to yourself.”- David [21:45]

6. “You’ve got to be a student of what’s going on within the culture, so that you can at least try to predict it.”- David [24:13]

7. “Constantly, this constant change is a new dynamic happening.”- Christy [35:42]

Let us know what you’re seeing and doing in your world as a leader during these frenetic times!