What you allow, you promote

There are several versions of this adage: “What you celebrate gets repeat.” Or, “What you reward gets repeated”. Well here’s another to consider: What you allow, you promote!

So the question is, what are you allowing to just happen in your organization? When you let other people do whatever they wish, you are implicitly promoting it. So we need to be aware of what’s happening in our organization so that we can be sure that what’s happening, is actually something we would be happen to promote.

Here are 3 Keys:

1. Make sure to communicate your vision throughout the organization.

2. Give clear expectations and watch out for ambiguity. Ambiguity is the enemy of clarity.

3. Follow up and and down avoid discussions that need to happen. When you follow up, it says that you care what someone does. It says that they matter. When you don’t follow up, you may be avoiding conflict, allowing ambiguity, and letting go of leadership.