What is Reverse Mentoring?

In this episode, Christy and David talk about reverse mentoring and what it means in a 4.0 organization. They discuss what it means, its difference from traditional mentoring, and why you should practice it as a leader. 

What is reverse mentoring? Reverse mentoring is about creating space for the younger and less-seasoned people in an organization to mentor the older generation. It involves more topic-based mentoring where you’re open to learning from the new people in the organization as a leader.

Why do reverse mentoring? Reverse mentoring allows you as the leader to equalize the relationship between you and employees, which leads to better communication and a direct connection at all levels of the organization. It also creates space for diversity and inclusion and its tangible value.

How to get started. To build a mentoring process, try a series of things like starting a presentation day, having a challenge, practicing humble leadership, and even getting someone like a millennial summer intern to help people in the organization learn.

Listen in to understand the value of practicing reverse mentoring for the organization. employees, and you as the leader.

What You Will Learn:  

  • [1:23] Understanding the meaning of reverse mentoring
  • [11:20] How reverse mentoring allows you to become an undercover boss and learn
  • [18:07] How reverse mentoring creates a diverse and inclusive organization
  • [23:58] The importance of reverse mentoring in helping build trust and respect in relationships
  • [29:55] Ways to learn and build curiosity within an organization
  • [35:51] Practice to genuinely get curious by changing your attitude


  • “Reverse mentoring is a key strategy to getting the voice of your entire organization to the surface without waiting to be called on in a meeting.”– Christy [4:58]
  • “It’s the person with the status that needs to come down and equalize the relationship.”– Christy [12:14]
  • “Putting things together in a different way that create a new rendition or evolution of something but can add value.”– Christy [22:06]
  • “Once you connect, some of the things you think you’re having a hard time connecting with are not a problem anymore.”– Christy [28:35]
  • “As a leader, find a new employee and start spending time with them and figuring out what they do well and learn from them.”– David [31:25]

Possible Actions to Take

  • Make the effort to equalize your relationship with those you’re leading at all levels of the organization.
  • Practice diversity and inclusion to encourage innovation in your organization.
  • Find a new employee and start learning and asking them questions on what they’re good at.

Have a listen!

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  • I’m glad to hear people raising awareness for reverse mentoring! I recently embarked on a similar journey with a fantastic Mentor from Lisnic.com and I wish someone had told me about this pathway back when I was entering the industry.